Sener has appointed Xavier de Prado to be the new Business Development and Marketing Manager of the Diagnostic Department, Sener Diagnostics. With this appointment, Sener hopes to diversify its portfolio of healthcare technology products and services, which are focused on the field of diagnostic systems for automating clinical laboratories.

Xavier de Prado received his Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from the Escuela Superior de Ingeniería Industrial de Barcelona (ETSEIB), and his Master’s in Business Administration from the EADA business school. He has 17 years of business development experience in companies from different sectors, including Idneo, Sony and Idom. In the words of Xavier de Prado, “it’s an honor to join a multidisciplinary technology and engineering group like Sener, which is already an international benchmark thanks to its innovative projects. My mission as the head of the Diagnostic Department will be to consolidate Sener’s presence in the global healthcare technology market, which requires innovative solutions and in which a group with Sener’s experience and knowledge will be able to make a significant contribution through its own high added-value technological developments.”

Since 2010, the Sener Group has had a company division in the field of healthcare technology that develops and markets solutions intended to offer automation systems that improve work flows in laboratories and hospitals, as well as to increase the quality of the tests and generate savings for the healthcare system. Its main product to date has been the AUTOPLAK inoculation and seeding device for liquid samples for plate cultures, which is marketed to hospitals and laboratories in several European countries.

In its growth plans, Sener’s strategy for the Diagnostic Department relies on the ability to integrate various technologies in order to develop a complete and diversified portfolio of innovative products through ongoing investment in R&D.

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