Blog de automatización de laboratorio - Laboratory Automation blog

The laboratory automation blog that we launched in February 2021 has come to the end of its first year. Sener Diagnostics began this feature 11 months ago, with the aim of publishing relevant information about our day-to-day activities and the sector in which we work, to share with our clients, partners and professional colleagues. Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the readers who have shown an interest in our articles, as well as those members of Sener Diagnostics who have contributed to this blog with their knowledge and reflections.

In its short, but fruitful existence, our blog has focused on three main subjects: laboratory automation, the synergies between Sener divisions, and the Sener Diagnostics team.

Laboratory automation

Inteligencia Artificial en laboratorios de microbiología

In the post “The new utility in laboratory automation“, we reflected on the importance of centring automation around patient service through a holistic approach that consolidates pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical processes, with the aim of generating value throughout the working cycle.

In the next post, entitled Artificial Intelligence in microbiology laboratories, we sought to answer the following questions.

  • Can an Artificial Intelligence system in laboratories help professionals to focus mainly on more complex and added-value activities?
  • Can this system improve human performance when interpreting images?
  • Can it improve access to image analysis?
  • Is a simple AI model sufficient, or should a more complex model be considered?
  • What are the biggest challenges during the implementation of an Artificial Intelligence system in a laboratory?

An intelligent combination of AI and digital microbiology is key to consolidating laboratory automation. We would thoroughly recommend reading the whole article.

Food microbiology laboratories - Laboratorios alimentarios microbiología

The third post devoted to laboratory automation addressed the new challenges of Food Microbiology.

In the last few decades, the degree of automation of clinical microbiology laboratories has significantly increased, as they adopt automated or semi-automated systems in many of their workflows, generating added value and improving the level and speed of diagnosis.

Although there are still numerous challenges to be faced in this field, many of the results it was hoped to achieve can already be seen. Nevertheless, in the automation of processes, food microbiology laboratories have somewhat lagged behind other types of laboratories, and in this article we examine why there is a need for progress to be made here.

Synergies between Sener divisions

Implementación de tecnología espacial en instrumentos para microbiología - SSI - mplementing space technology in microbiological instruments

Just a few months ago, we devoted a whole article to the synergies that are established between the different divisions at Sener so that the results of our work can bring value to society.

The post, entitled Implementation of space technology in instruments for microbiology, tells the exciting story of how our engineers took advantage of the knowledge developed in our space projects and applied this to the microbiological devices of Sener Diagnostics

Sener’s cross-disciplinary approach to technology is key to its capacity to transfer successful technologies from one sector to another.

Sener Diagnostics team

The best way to get to know the members of our team is by asking them to talk!

Interview Carles Coll

Carles Coll, Customer Service Manager at Sener Diagnostics, explained the importance of being close to clients and offering them quality, and how the information gathered through this communication leads to the development of improvements and new instruments.

Joan Ariño

Joan Ariño, Technical Director of Sener Diagnostics, gave us an insight into the process of consolidating microbiology laboratory automation, outlining the role played by systems engineering in this evolutionary phase.

Finally, in this video Íñigo Gurrea and Xavier de Prado presented the innovative, high-quality solutions that Sener Diagnostics proposes for the automation of microbiology and molecular biology laboratories all over the world.

Through customised collaborations, Sener Diagnostics offers the complete product cycle, from the conceptualisation of new products to aftersales service, including the entire process of design, development, validation, manufacture, certification and registration.

Thank you for reading and supporting us during the course of 2021! We hope you will continue to do so in 2022!

Happy New Year!