Our laboratory automation blog has now completed its second year. The sole purpose of this section is to publish relevant information about our day-to-day activities and the sector in which we work to share with our clients, partners and professional colleagues. As we near the end of 2022, and after another year together, we would like to thank our readers for the interest you have shown in our content, and the specialists at Sener Diagnostics who have tried at all times to present us with useful and relevant information in an entertaining manner.

Here is a round-up of the posts that have appeared on our laboratory automation blog in the course of 2022.

Systems engineering in the conceptualization of automated solutions for Microbiology laboratories

Systems engineering in the conceptualization of automated solutions for Microbiology laboratories

We began the year with this post, in which we analysed the role of the systems engineer in relation to automated solutions for microbiology laboratories. In the article, the author argues:

“Systems engineers are the chefs of engineering”

Due to their importance as the people responsible for the conceptualisation of new instruments for laboratory automation.

Automation: the role of the laboratory professional

Automatización: el rol del profesional del laboratorio - Automation: the role of the laboratory professional

The involvement of laboratory staff is necessary throughout the product cycle. In the development and validation of automated systems in the field of medicine and specifically in microbiology, laboratory professionals play a fundamental role.

In this article, we explain why they are best suited to identifying the added value that a new solution can bring throughout the process, and to ensuring that it is a truly user-oriented instrument.

Speeding up diagnosis through automation

Acelerar el diagnóstico - Speeding up diagnosis

Here at Sener Diagnostics, we asked the community of diagnostics professionals about what most concerned them in laboratory processes.

62% of those surveyed said that “Speeding up diagnosis” was the highest priority challenge in the next few years. In second place, with 31% of the responses, was “Increasing the capacity” of the laboratory, due to the increase in current demand and the growth forecast for the next decade. Finally, the respondents mentioned reducing operational costs and improving results, which are already of very high quality at present.

A continuación, el artículo explicó, de forma razonada, cómo acelerar el diagnóstico a través de la automatización.

International Microorganism Day

Día de la Microbiología - International Microorganism Day

In this post, we paid tribute to all microbiologists throughout the world, congratulating them on their valuable work and professionalism.

In the field of health and medicine, microbiology is of immense importance, since it focuses on the study of pathogenic microorganisms, such as fungi, viruses, parasites and bacteria, which can cause disease in humans.

Molecular techniques in clinical microbiology through automation

Técnicas moleculares - Molecular technologies

The final contribution to Sener Diagnostics’ automation blog in 2022 was this text about the inevitability of molecular techniques coexisting with traditional workflows in the immediate future.

Molecular or rapid techniques bring sensitivity and, in general, speed. Occasionally, sensitivity may be detrimental to specificity, and culture testing will be necessary in order to evaluate the viability of the microorganism and quantify it in the context of other possible microorganisms present in the sample. Moreover, cultures are still needed to evaluate sensitivity to a wide range of antimicrobials and other epidemiological applications.

We invite you to discover what the author of this post proposes to ensure that this coexistence favours the conceptualisation of instruments that will speed up and improve patient diagnosis.

And that’s all the articles that appeared in 2022. Thank you for reading and supporting us during the course of this year! We look forward to telling you about many new developments in 2023! Happy New Year!

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