Servicios para laboratorios - Services for laboratories

Clinical microbiology laboratories are extremely complex in terms of the variety of samples, protocols and processes involved.

As a result of this variety, the workflows for providing patients with rapid and reliable diagnoses are also complex.

Even though automation adds enormous value by ensuring quality and saving time for highly skilled technicians, this complexity is one of the main reasons why automation has been adopted later than in other clinical laboratories (such as biochemistry and haematology laboratories, for example).

3+1 elements that really make a difference

Offering the automation of complex workflows is not just about delivering instruments and their associated software; this is just one important part of what the customer needs. There are 3+1 elements that really make a difference: Service, monitoring and configuration.

Technical service is sometimes considered an activity performed in response to a malfunction of the instruments, when in fact it is an activity which guarantees that the instrument will work in the best possible way throughout its life. Carrying out the periodic maintenance of the instrument correctly, remotely monitoring the instrument and having quick access to spare parts are examples of services which, if performed correctly, substantially increase customer satisfaction and, consequently, the smooth operation of the laboratory. The same applies to instrument installation and configuration, ensuring a seamless connection to IT systems and workflows.

What about the additional element, the “+1”? Our most important asset when it comes to service is people. People who understand the urgent needs, concerns and goals of the laboratory stakeholders. People who are committed to excellence and who have a personal stake in the success of the laboratory. Our people.

At SENER Diagnostics, the Customer is our main focus, and the excellence of our service, whether provided directly or through our OEM partners, ensures smooth, efficient and reliable process automation and customer satisfaction. We propose a holistic approach, combining engineering, IT and microbiology skills, and applying the most innovative technologies, such as remote continuous monitoring and telepresence, while also providing a direct presence at the lab whenever this is needed.

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