Autoplak testimonial. Creating the laboratory of the future

Discover how automation is transforming the way laboratories operate, with Wisplinghoff Laboratories at the forefront. With the capacity to process 12,000 samples a day, this leading laboratory in Europe is using cutting-edge technology to speed up its processes.

Wisplinghoff Laboratories employs a variety of instruments from different manufacturers to automate manual processes. One of the most important of these is Autoplak, our workstation automation solution for plate streaking and reading developed by Sener Diagnostics and distributed by Beckman Coulter. 

Automation for all types of laboratories

As we have already mentioned on other occasions, automation lies within the reach of any microbiology laboratory, regardless of its size.

For laboratories with limited resources, the automation of work stations can be an excellent option, since it replaces a specific manual process through predefined configurations and with little training required, saving the organisation time and money.

In the case of laboratories with advanced resources, the range of automation systems can be expanded through the implementation of artificial intelligence systems. In this way, more complex tasks and complete workflows can be automated, adding value to the entire process chain.

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