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SENER Diagnostics

Workflow Automation

The advantages of automation are well known but there are some mistaken ideas about automation involving a very large investment that takes a long time to amortize.

To avoid this problem Automation must be Cost-Effective.

To get cost-effective automation, there should be a balance of three basic issues:

  • Standardization of lab processes to get the most effective flowchart.
  • Large quantities of samples.
  • Labor costs

Automation does not need to cover 100% of laboratory tasks. SENER Diagnostics’s goal is to cover only all the necessary cost-effective automation requirements.

Cost-effectiveness should be analyzed for every sample processing procedure. This will facilitate the selection of the right equipment configuration.

The ultimate objective of Lab Automation is to make cost savings. This is only possible with cost-effective solutions. 

If automation is implemented in a cost-effective way, it will help the laboratory to:

1. Minimize sources of errors. Many highly repetitive manual processes which are prone to error still exist in laboratories. With automation, processes are optimized and the risk of mistake is decreased, thus reducing their impact on system performance. 

2. Free up professionals from repetitive tasks. Many professionals still dedicate part of their working day to manual tasks with no added value. Freeing them from these types of tasks allows them to dedicate their time to other more complex activities. 

3. Reduce the variability of clinical practice and/or diagnosis. Reducing the variability of clinical practice amongst professionals is key to ensuring quality and reproducibility of results. 

4. Facilitate shared services. The tendency to merge laboratories helps to reduce costs, so automation increases efficiency and optimizes quality.





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