Sener Diagnostics began to operate in the sector in the year 2005.

Since then, we have specialised in the development of innovative solutions whose added value improves people’s lives.

In our earliest days, we developed numerous
microgravity solutions
for space applications and automation systems
under the NTE Healthcare brand.


Today, we are recognised as one of the key players in the development and manufacture of instruments for the automation of microbiology and molecular biology laboratory processes, both in clinical and industrial fields, and AUTOPLAK has been one of the first big successes in the group’s portfolio of solutions.

Passion and innovation since 2005

Muscle Atrophy | Microgravity | Microbe detection

DIT (2005)

Robot Laparoscopy (2007)

POCT Micro2DNA (2008)

POCT Theraedge (2009)

Microtron Arm | Microarray processing station (2010)


Incubator automation (2015)

Conveyor for lab automation | AUTOPLAK BCI | QREM (2017)



Future challenges

The future of laboratories is fascinating. The challenge is immense, but no less
attractive for that. Sener Diagnostics will continue to be a key player in this
providing value-added solutions that clearly improve
the quality of patients’ results.