We add value
through automation.


We are our clients’ first choice for the
development of new instruments for the automation of
microbiology and molecular biology laboratories.

We offer a disruptive vision focused on
creating value through modular,
interconnected instruments that minimise errors,
speed up diagnostics, reduce costs and
improve workflows.

Our philosophy is centred around
the user of the laboratory:
through the improvement of processes,
patients will receive a better service.

Our way of life 


Sener Diagnostics belongs to Sener, the private engineering and technology group founded in 1956. The group seeks to offer the most advanced technological solutions and enjoys international recognition thanks to its independence and its commitment to innovation and quality. Sener is a world leader in the development of high-tech projects in four large sectors: Aerospace/Science/Diagnostics, Infrastructures, Energy and Marine engineering.

Work with us

Beginning a career with Sener
Diagnostics means more than securing
a job. It is an opportunity to
improve the lives of millions of people.

If you share our passion for science, technology and engineering, and you want to grow as a professional in a disruptive and attractive sector like laboratory automation,
Sener Diagnostics is the place for you.