Microbiology and molecular biology

Since 2005, we have offered innovative solutions for
the automation of processes in microbiology and molecular biology laboratories for clinical diagnostics and industrial microbiology.

Clinical microbiology

We design value-added automatic devices for workflows in pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical processes for Total Laboratory Automation (TLA) or modular formats.

Some of our applications:

Sample preparation, inoculation, streaking, capping/decapping, blood cultures, ID/AST, incubators, reading and identification…

Molecular biology

Thanks to the growing number of new molecular
techniques that complement traditional microbiology, we are able to develop new instruments with clear added value for the market.

Some of our applications:

PCR, qPCR and Microarray systems, microbials, ELISA/IFA systems…

Industrial microbiology

We provide solutions to problems in the field of food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical control. We customise each solution to the specific field of application, analysing any problems and deciding on the most suitable type of automation.

Some of our applications:

Contamination control, colony counting, filtering automation, identification by means of FTIR technology, optimum sample management, sterilisation processes…

Value-added automation

Automation must provide value. At Sener Diagnostics, we confront
the principal challenges currently faced by laboratories, hospitals and
and quality control departments:

Improving workflows

Obtaining reproducible, reliable and rapid results

Optimising resources and reducing costs

System connectivity and integration

All the processes we carry out at our facilities are subject to strict controls in accordance with a demanding/proprietary/unique quality, environmental and safety management system, as well as the regulations established by the market.