Efficiency for the
microbiology laboratory


In the current context,
an innovative, technological and competitive product like AUTOPLAK contributes to the efficiency of the laboratory and guarantees the quality of the service and the results.

Source : Beckman Coulter website

6 reasons for choosing AUTOPLAK

Excellent streaking

Thanks to a reliable
and robust automatic
inoculation and streaking process.

Productivity, efficiency
and reliability

Automating inoculation and streaking, minimising the risk of contamination by means of safe and reliable sample processing, simplifying challenging sample processing and integrating the system into your laboratory’s LIS.

We optimise space
in the laboratory

The design is compact in size, so vital space required for your facilities is optimised. AUTOPLAK can be installed against a wall and its wheels make it easy to transport.

Quick to install
and ergonomic

Intuitive HMI, with access from the front for loading and extraction of samples. Easy to install.


Continuous loading by means of independent drawers, wide range of tubes admitted, inoculation in liquid and solid media, Gram extension, bi-plate streaking, inoculation in enrichment medium, antibiotic disc dispenser…

Flexibility for customised configuration

We have three versions depending on the needs of each laboratory (Standard, Advanced and Full equip)

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